Tesco partners with Software AG

Wed, Jul 7, 2021

Visibility is key to process control

More than 90 percent of retailers failed to increase productivity over the past few years and margins are projected to fall by a further 13 percent by 2030. Tesco won’t be one of them. The multinational grocery retailer decided that, in order to better serve its customers worldwide, it needed clearer visibility into its business processes.

“Every little helps” according to Tesco plc’s slogan. It means that, when working toward a goal, every contribution—no matter how small—can help you to get there.

Tesco knows about small steps; its founder Sir Jack Cohen started with a market stall in London in 1919 and opened his first store 10 years later. Since then Tesco has bought, built and opened thousands of new stores, today boasting 6,800 shops worldwide.

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