Spare time for Commuters Shuttle Service Launches

Mon, Aug 19, 2019

The daily commute to work can be a race against the clock, yet how we get there and how long it takes is the difference between getting the working day off to a good start or being late for an important meeting.

On 19 August St John’s Innovation Park launched a Shuttle Service to help tilt the clock back in the commuter’s favour.

A trial period of 3 months will be used to gauge demand and refine the service to give people working on the park a viable alternative to driving to work.

According to the Office of National Statistics the average worker in Britain spends 54 minutes commuting each day, this is without counting the time it takes to drop the kids off to school or completing other essential errands before starting the actual commute to work.

Time is of the essence when commuting making deciding the most efficient way of getting from A to B crucial. The addition of the Shuttle Service means commuters can now close the loop on getting to their final destination on St John’s Innovation Park from Cambridge North Station, and more importantly at the end of the day their journey home.

The experience on getting home from St John’s Innovation Park will be more positive the more people choose to use the Shuttle Service.

Having a reliable shuttle service will add some flexibility to people’s journey giving them time to spare at either end.

SJIP Shuttle Service Timetable

To provide feedback on the St John’s Innovation Park Shuttle Service or any other query please contact Domingo Negroni, Estate Manager at


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