Qualcomm Car Chips: Developing New Processors for Vehicles; Ventures with Volvo, Honda, and Renault Soon

Wed, Jan 26, 2022

Qualcomm is getting into the car chip ventures with Volvo, Honda, and Renault, soon supplying the companies with new processors for its vehicles. The new venture of Qualcomm will focus on producing its focus on cars, particularly as it needs more of the modern features like computer chips to manage its controls and other features it aims to bring.

Qualcomm Car Chips: Ventures with Volvo, Honda, and Renault
Qualcomm and Volvo recently announced their ventures together, focusing on a new collaboration that would bring a Snapdragon-powered car infotainment system for a more accessible feature. However, that is not all that Qualcomm will be doing for cars, especially with the deals it secured with Honda and Renault.

Snapdragon's Automotive Cockpit for Renault's Megane is another focus of the company that would specialize in bringing a service to improve an aspect of the vehicle. Not to mention its ventures with Honda that will focus on getting a better overall experience for the car.

Qualcomm's focus on cars and their needs is a massive step for the company, especially now as vehicles become more innovative and advanced than their mechanical age.

Qualcomm's Digital Chassis: CES 2022 Showcase
Qualcomm is not only focusing its chips on vehicles' infotainment systems, especially with a Digital Chassis feature that the company announced last CES 2022. The San Diego chipmaker aims to bring an intelligent and customizable experience with its car chips, focusing on technology as its primary seller to integrate into a car.

Smart cars are the future, and Qualcomm aims to be a game-changer for the industry.

Qualcomm's Focus on Chips for Cars
Qualcomm will focus on a new venture, and it will not be limited or constricted to one industry only, which is the development of chips for smart and portable devices. The chip-making company is bringing its 2022 flagship smartphone processor known as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 to get the latest version of its functions, including 5G.

A lot is coming from Qualcomm for 2022, including a handheld gaming development kit, something that the company guarantees for a different experience with the device. However, those are not all the focuses of Qualcomm, especially now that it ventures into the car business, which was not available before for the industry.

To think that the industry is facing a chip shortage problem that limits the production to less than its projected availability.

Nevertheless, it will add to the current burden of the chip-making industry as resources will see another allocation that would focus on cars and their needs. Qualcomm's deals may indicate that the company is significantly getting a good supply for its chips as it adds a new focus apart from handheld tech devices.

Article sourced from: https://www.techtimes.com
Published: 23.01.22

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