PwC UK honours apprenticeship programme offers for A-level students - regardless of final results

Thu, Aug 31, 2023

PwC UK will honour offers it has made to students joining the firm as school and college leaver apprentices in September, regardless of their final A-level results. 

For the fourth year in a row, PwC will honour offers it has made to students joining its school and college leaver programmes, regardless of final grades achieved. The firm acknowledges the 75 students it will welcome as part of its School and College Leaver Programme in September 2023 are still feeling the impact of the pandemic on their education.

Although this year's A-level students will have experienced a nearly normal Year 13 and exam period, they will potentially never have sat a GCSE or undisrupted AS exam. Combined with recent strike action, PwC recognises the potential for these factors to impact final A Level grades. Students joining the firm in the apprenticeship programmes have already passed a series of assessments as part of their application process to PwC. 

By guaranteeing placements, the firm hopes to reassure this group and help them begin their careers with confidence. 

Ian Elliott, Chief People Officer, comments: 

“Students completing their A-Levels this summer could argue they’ve been dealt an unfair hand over the past three years. A-Level results day is always a stressful time for young people across the country. It should also, however, be a day of hope and inspiration as many in this group take their first steps into the world of work.”

“That is why we’ve decided to again honour offers made to those students who have decided to join us as school leavers, regardless of their final results. We know these young people have huge potential and we want to do what we can to help them begin their working life feeling inspired and energised.” 

PwC’s decision to honour offers for School and College Leaver students regardless of final A-level grades achieved was first made in 2020, in response to the impact of the pandemic on education (and in particular disadvantaged students). Over the past three years, the firm has welcomed 280 students through its School and College Leaver Programmes.


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