Offices will play a key role in the future of tech companies

Thu, Mar 3, 2022

Big tech companies were some of the fastest out of the blocks when the pandemic first hit in supporting employees to work from home, and then leading the way in implementing hybrid working.

These same companies are now at the forefront of encouraging staff to return to the office, investing millions in modernised offices and wellbeing initiatives to entice people back to the workplace.

No longer just ‘space with a desk to work at’, workplaces need to be attractive, offering flexibility, amenities and state-of-the-art technology which appeal to the next generation of innovators in R&D and tech.

The phenomenon dubbed ‘the great resignation’ has led to a battle to retain and attract top talent. It’s now time for ‘the great reinvention’ of the office.

As well being a key recruitment and retention tool, there are numerous reasons why tech companies will always need office space:

  • The office is the heart of an organisation’s culture and a physical representation of brand values which enhances a shared sense of purpose and loyalty.
  • Face-to-face collaboration and interaction are proven to be invaluable in idea generation by breaking down silos.
  • Having a specific ‘place of work’ differentiates work and home life, improving work-life balance and reducing stress.

Pre-2020, some tech and knowledge professionals may have required nothing more than a laptop and internet connection. Now, office buildings need to provide much more to motivate and interest them. People want to work in an environment that suits their lifestyle, fits with their personal values, and inspires them to do their best work. A place of work that has:

  • Positive environmental credentials that echo their own values, including a sustainable office.
  • On-site fitness provision such as a gym and showers which facilitate the options of an active commute and easy-access to physical health facilities.
  • ‘Intelligent building’ and ‘smart office’ technology and processes to create a safer and more productive environment.
  • Plenty of green space, high ventilation standards, and touch free tech to enable workers to stay healthy.

The Dirac Building at St John’s Innovation Park will deliver these in-demand, advanced work-spaces, offering today’s tech companies a best-in-class building to continue their world-leading work.

This operationally efficient, easily-accessible, brand-new building with gym and transport hub, will ensure employees have access to those all-important health and wellbeing facilities on a Park which provides a thriving, inspiring and collaborative working environment that people will enjoy being part of.

For information regarding pre-let opportunities within this new 85,000 sq ft office building in North Cambridge, please contact Savills, the appointed letting agents, on +44 (0)1223 347 000.

To discover more about St John’s Innovation Park and the Dirac Building, visit

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