Marshall Futureworx welcomes new architect

Wed, Jun 14, 2023

Paul Afolabi has over 10 years of research experience and practical application of engineering, commercial delivery and innovation in the Mechanical, Energy and Food Sectors. He also holds a 1st class MEng in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Food Science and Marketing Economics from the University of Greenwich.

Before joining us as a Futureworx Architect, Paul worked as a Chief innovation Engineer at well-known Dartford. While in this role, he was involved in a variety of work within procurement, contracting, planning, market analysis system modelling, and more. This kept him busy and allowed him to expand his skillset, making him the ideal candidate for his current role at Marshall.

In his role at Futureworx, Paul helps to build networks and business ventures, as well as leading in continuous improvement, learning and development for Futureworx. He will also develop complex digital simulations, work with subcontractors and suppliers, and conducts trade studies based on research, experiments and analysis.

When he’s not in the office, Paul likes to spend his time with family and friends, as well as de-stress at the gym. He has a passion for reading, and even does a fair amount of baking and cooking! Spontaneity and trying new things are important to Paul, as he wants to look back knowing he lived life to the absolute fullest.

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