Darktrace primed for a huge Ipo

Thu, May 7, 2020

Cyber security world leader Darktrace based at the Maurice Wilkes Building on St Johns Innovation Park continues to work for an IPO next year after growing its market capitalisation to more than to £2 billion as reported in Business Weekly, 7 May 2020.

Darktrace has grown impressively and consistently under the dual transatlantic CEO model of Poppy Gustafsson at St Johns Innovation Park in Cambridge and Nicole Eagan in the US.

The COVID 19 Pandemic and the disruption caused to many businesses worldwide has led to a significant uptake from businesses looking to protect the gateway to their IT infrastructure with Darktrace AI Email solution, Antigena Email.

Darktrace previously based at the impressive Platinum Building also on St Johns Innovation Park, has piled up the revenues while cutting outlay in a supreme last 12 months and has so far raised not far shy of $250 million; it now employs around 1,000 people globally. (Bussiness Weekly May 2020)

The position of Darktrace as a world leader in Cyber Security, especially at a time when business vulnerability during the COVID 19 crisis is being exploited by cyber criminals, is testament to the quality and innovation of the AI solutions provided by Darktrace, keeping one step ahead of the cyber thieves. To read the full article in Business Weekly please click here.

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