Darktrace named one of the 10 most innovative AI companies

Tue, Mar 22, 2022

Explore the full 2022 list of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, 528 organizations whose efforts are reshaping their businesses, industries, and the broader culture. We’ve selected the firms making the biggest impact with their initiatives across 52 categories, including the most innovative AR/VR, design, and security companies.

Once a sexy buzzword, artificial intelligence is rapidly morphing into something far more valuable: an everyday reality that quietly improves experiences of all sorts. That’s reflected in our roster of the most innovative companies in AI for 2022. Many of them have been at it for a while, and their efforts reflect evolution as much as revolution.

Back in 2018, for example, customer service platform LivePerson introduced its first AI-powered bots. Multiple iterations later, its “conversational AI” takes care of millions of customer engagements for companies selling everything from doughnuts to diamonds.

Then there’s Grammarly. It’s been using machine learning to parse written communications, detect errors, and make suggestions since 2009. But it’s only recently that the technology has evolved enough to let Grammarly spot truly subtle issues of readability and style, then propose sophisticated revisions to address them.

Such highly refined applications of AI share space on our list with ambitious new efforts. For instance, Eightfold AI’s Career Hub uses data to help employees find mentors and other career-boosting resources within a company. And Immunai is melding math and biology to map the human immune system, a potentially epoch-shifting step in making drug discovery more efficient.

For all of AI’s increasing ability to perform useful work, it’s also fraught with the potential to do harm, whether through deliberate misuse or due to data that’s biased or otherwise flawed. That’s why companies such as Adobe are acknowledging and addressing this uncomfortable reality. Before it ships innovations such as Photoshop’s new neural filters, it puts them through an ethics review process designed to identify—and eliminate—any problematic aspects.

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Published on: 08.03.22

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