Cambridge GaN Devices awarded “Best Demo” at European technology symposium

Tue, Oct 17, 2023

Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD), the fabless, clean-tech semiconductor company that develops a range of energy-efficient GaN-based power devices to make greener electronics possible, today announced that its ICeGaN™ GaN HEMT System-on-Chip (SoC) was awarded “Best Demo” at the Innovation Zone of TSMC’s 2023 Europe Technology Symposium.

CGD’s ICeGaN, which has entered high-volume production for global customers using TSMC’s GaN process technology, is bringing the complexity of a typical external driving circuit into the GaN HEMT, monolithically integrated. This concept reduces the component count at PCB level and significantly improve the robustness and reliability of the power transistor and the whole system, while enabling the user to couple it with a gate driver of choice. This concept is easily scalable to higher power and in voltages, which CGD is actively pursuing. ICeGaN is an Industry First: GaN eMode HEMTs can be driven like a Si MosFET. Recognizing the differentiation that it brings to the market, ICeGaN was voted “Best Demo” by visitors to the Innovation Zone, TSMC’s showcase for start-up customers’ cutting-edge products at its largest annual event in Europe.

“CGD recognises TSMC’s leadership in high voltage GaN – we believe that they have the most mature and reliable process in the industry, which is why we chose to have our proprietary ICeGaN technology SoCs made there. Consequently, we are also delighted to win TSMC’s prestigious award for innovation. This is particularly important and meaningful for us, since innovation is one of CGD’s key values, and we aim to achieve a leadership position through technology. The award is also a very real demonstration of the success that our two companies are achieving in bringing game changing, innovative GaN technology to the market.”

“Our warmest congratulations to CGD, which has won well-deserved recognition for its innovative technology. TSMC is excited to cooperate with CGD to deliver its easy-to-use 650V ICeGaN GaN transistors in high volume to companies working on diverse applications worldwide. We look forward to close collaboration with them in the field of GaN power semiconductor technology.”

ICeGaN H2 single-chip eMode GaN HEMTs, our 2nd generation of 650V GaN ICs recently launched in the market, have demonstrated record low losses in No Load – Light Load operations, which is key for many consumer and industrial applications. Together with H1 portfolio, CGD has demonstrated the highest efficiency and reliability in the entire range 65W to 3kW, at the prestigious TSMC European event and in several reknown conferences worldwide. CGD is committed to extend their portfolio in the near future.

ICeGaN includes a monolithically integrated GaN interface circuitry within the power transistor chips. This simplifies their use, enabling them to be driven like a Silicon MOSFET, without the need for special gate drivers, complex and lossy driving circuits, negative voltage supply or external clamping components. This innovative design results in devices that are extremely rugged and reliable, while achieving the highest performance among available eMode GaN technologies.

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Published: 09.10.23

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